Washington Green Schools challenges students and school communities to create a sustainable region through educational experiences that transform school environments. Schools that certify engage students, conserve resources, and save money. Explore this website to learn how to get your local school involved.

Gilbert Elementary took on the mission to become a certified green school under the leadership Teacher Susan Noble, and they were successful. Today they were awarded a level one certification for their hard work.

Mrs. Noble assembled what's known as the green team, a group of students who are the leaders and workers when it comes to recycling in the school. The students learned how much garbage the school produces, and what things the didn't need to throw away. They began by going through the garbage and found all kinds of things they could recycle, from glue sticks to lids to anything plastic.

The students have worked hard and it paid off at a ceremony today when they were awarded their certificate and flag that now hangs above the school. If you want to get involved contact Marci at the Yakima County Solid Waste Department at 509) 574-2450. Marci talks about how you can get involved.

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