Goat heads are of the devil. There, I said it. If you have been stuck with one, you would agree. They are nasty.

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I thought I escaped them when left Cali. I was looking forward to a goat head free life – then after a long bike ride with Lisa, (we were about 4 miles from home), Lisa ran into a goat head mine field and ended up with a flat tire. Guess who walked the bike alllllllll the waayyyyyy home? This guy!


If you are not familiar with this sharp little multi-spiked pests, then consider yourself lucky. With just enough toxins to make them more painful, than will make you ill, they are an experience NOT to treasure.

It looks like a goat head, hence the name. I like their Latin name - Tribulus terrestris.       



They also go by the name caltrop, cat's-head, devil's thorn, Satan’s Spurs or whatever your go to curse word is when you step on it.

Goat heads are small, less than a half inch in diameter. The spikes are thick at the base, making it a great puncturing weapon. In fact, these things are so evil, they inspired a weapon used in the theaters of battle back in the day.

Roman Caltorp

They are called Caltrops. Multi-angled pieces of metal that soldiers used to bury just below the ground surface. Once an enemy soldier’s foot or horse would hit the spikes, they would help incapacitate an enemy, injure or slow them down.

Brutal? Yep. That’s goat heads purpose.


So much so, Caltrops are still used as layers of security is some places to keep people out places they are not supposed to be.

Goat Heads are also special because they have just a tiny bit of toxins so you can enjoy the pain of the goat head puncture for hours after they poke your skin.

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They are such a pain in the foot, the City of Wenatchee deemed them a public nuisance.

They are and were not wrong.  Satan's Spurs, suck.

All My Best,

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