Standardized testing is not a thing of the past, but passing the standardized tests like the old Washington Assessment of  Student Learning in order to graduate from high school is. And those of us with test anxiety are so excited our kids won't have to deal with this.

Starting this fall, students will have eight "pathways" to graduation. As KNKX  explains in a recent post:

"Students still will be expected to take standardized tests, because they're used for the state's school accountability system. If they pass the tests, they can use that to satisfy graduation requirements. But there also will be other ways to get a diploma, including passing the military entrance exam or earning above a certain score on the SAT or ACT.

Another pathway to graduation would be to take a sequence of career and technical classes leading to a job, apprenticeship or post-secondary education."

I think this is a great step toward making our upcoming generations more prepared for the future, Fingers crossed they choose to take trade classes!

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