Do you plan on dressing up this year for Halloween? Whether you are set on trick or treating with the kids or going out on the town with your friends, Halloween is always a good time to create unique looks or get inspired by those who take it to the next level.

Wandering through Instagram, I happened on a local talent who goes by the handle @jennydior aka Make-Up by Jenny. Her account is flooded with glitter, neon eyeshadows, lashes, and blush but that's not all! Currently, she's using her gift to count down to Halloween with her take on classic looks with fantastically bloody results.

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If you're searching for an idea, this is a great place to start. Being that Jenny's constantly putting on make-up and taking it off I asked what she recommends using and if she had any other tips and tricks. Here's what she had to say

  • Favorite Looks, "creations I enjoy the most are the scary bloody looks."
  • A tip for someone who wants to create face art is, "don't overthink your look, have a fresh clean canvas so the products stay nice and clean. Most importantly have fun and there is never a wrong way of creating a look!"
  • Amazon is her favorite spot to grab make-up tools, paintbrushes work fantastic.
  • The best product to remove your art from your face without staining is PODS cold cream, which can be found at Walmart
  • Favorite Quote that inspires, "Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results”

Have some fun and try something new this year. I have no idea how many more looks she will come up with but you can follow along like me to find out!

Day One - Scarecrow

Day Two - Glitter Pumpkin

Day Three - Harley Quinn

Day Five - Corpse Bride

Day Six - Jason

Day Seven - A Deadly Snow White

Day 11 - Venom

Day 12 - Saw

Day 13 - Annabelle 

Day 14 - Sugar Skull

Day 15 - Chucky

Day 16 - Bride of Chucky

Day 17 - Morticia Adams 

Day 18 - Betty Boop

Day 22 - Ursela

Day 25 Scream

Day 26 Cruella

Day 27 Coraline

Day 30 Posessed 

Happy Halloween!


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