Halloween 2021 is a wrap! Hopefully, you received all the candy you could possibly handle, parents and kids! This was my very first year in a house getting to hand out candy and I had SO much fun. Learned a lesson as well, gotta make sure to trim those rose bushes, a poor fairy got stuck in them. No injury to her or her adorable outfit but I promise to do better!

Another random thing about getting older, for the longest I have wanted to have colored bins to store all my decorations and costumes, and yesterday I went for it. I am now the proud owner of a black and purple bin and I feel like I am living my best life right now!

Did you want to be a part of the Halloween 2021 Gallery? Send us your photos and let's help inspire those for next year and just relive the magic for a touch longer. Time is flying by and thank you all captured some fantastic memories!

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