Spectacular Halloween 2021 Photo Gallery
Did you want to be a part of the Halloween 2021 Gallery? Send us your photos and let's help inspire those for next year and just relive the magic for a touch longer. Time is flying by and thank you all captured some fantastic memories!
Shopping For Halloween Costumes — What Catches Your Eye?
I love Halloween! I love shopping for Halloween over any other holiday. It is a chance to be whatever you want for as many parties as you can go to.  If I can afford it, I will be two or three things for the occasion. Shopping for costumes, although fun, can be hard too -- because I want everything I see!
What to wear? [POLL]
Halloween is less than a month away and we here at the Morning Bullpen need to pick out our costumes. We want to do things right this year and dress up as a team with quality costumes. I'm pushing our team to don the garb of Hulk Hogan (Cefus), Macho Man Randy Savage (Rik) and Miss Elizabeth (Michele...
Florida Residents Given Capes to Fight Unemployment
A government-supported unemployment agency in Central Florida is in hot water today after it reportedly spent $14,200 to fund 6,000 superhero capes to hand out to unemployed area residents. It's all part of what's being called the 'Cape- A-Bility Challenge,' a contest in which out-of-work Floridians take on "Dr. Evil Unemployment," a cartoon character that represents the current state of