Michele and I love our listeners -- especially Vivian Williams of Prosser.

I don't recall when our paths first crossed, but I think she's been calling this particular station for over 15 years.

I think Vivian came over to listen to The Bull when the legendary "Hutch" crossed the street from Yakima's other country music station.

Vivian turned 90 over the weekend, and I thought I'd surprise her and drop in on her birthday celebration.

I didn't know what to expect. Vivian has told us through the years about her family, but you almost need a scorecard to keep them all straight!

Vivian's party was at the Prosser Eagles on Saturday, and as I rolled into town, I knew instantly where the party was because I had to circle the block several times looking for an open parking spot.

I went in, asked at the front where Vivian's party was, and the friendly greeter pointed to her left.

The Prosser Eagles main dining area was packed with several hundred guests, and I could tell people where coming and going, each greeting Vivian, who called them each by name.

I walked over and gave Vivian a big hug and she instantly knew who I was. I felt right at home as Vivian then proceeded to introduce me to her family. I stayed awhile, chatting with her brother Johnny, the last of 12 kids, who flew in from Missouri.

I also got to meet Vivian's daughter Carol, who I learned was celebrating 50 years of marriage, proving that coming from Vivian, there was good stock in those veins.

The abundance of friends and family around Vivian showed that her love has meant something to a lot of people for the past 90 years.

We did get a scare about six months ago because we went a few weeks without hearing from Vivian. Eventually we got a call from a family member who told us that Vivian was very ill and that the prognosis didn't look good.

We went a few weeks crossing our fingers and then the call came in -- it was Vivian.

Her voice wasn't as strong as we remembered it, but she was on the mend and that made us very happy.

She still calls the station faithfully and I'm happy to report that her voice is strong and proud again. She is now homebound and I'm sure the cabin fever gets to her sometimes. But luckily, her family and friends smother her with attention.

I know her morning call is one thing Michele and I look forward to each and every day on our radio program, and we are so happy that is a part of our life. We are better for it, so to you on your 90th, Vivian, happy birthday!

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