A new poll of 2,000 happily married couples in the UK has revealed what seem to be the secrets of a successful union: one argument per week and two vacations a year.

Almost 60 percent of respondents said vacations together provide a reminder of why they love each other so much, probably because more than half reported being more likely to make time for each other during trips than at any other time of the year.

Happy couples also said having one “healthy argument” every week is key to a thriving relationship.

Here are a few other things survey respondents said were good for a happy marriage:

  • Short breaks, twice a year.
  • Cuddle, 11 times every two weeks.
  • Have sex, two times a week.
  • Deep and meaningful conversation, two times a week.
  • Dinner out, three times a month.
  • Boys/girls’ night out without partner, twice a month.
  • Surprise romantic gesture, three times a month.

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