I didn't even know! Haven't taken the time to eat one today but I can ALWAYS list of my favorite places to grab a GREAT burger! :)

Here it goes!

1) Major's - that's right! Local, GIGANTIC, thick pieces of bacon a juicy burger and those fries! Throw in a delicious shake and I call that a meal worth the calories! :)

2) Cheeseburger In Paradise - You'll have to fly to Oahu to capture my entire memory but that Black and Blue Cheeseburger they offer is INSANELY delicious. Eating cheeseburgers near the ocean is REALLY where it's at!

3) Burger King - When I am searching for a fast and delicious burger my go to is the Whopper Jr. with Cheese ok never mind I want the big dawg! Something about that mix of mayo with the lettuce and all the fixings and have you ever noticed their burger do really smell like they just came off the grill :)

Honorable mention - Burger Ranch. It's the fries and that sauce oh my! Hello Fresh Mom and I made a homemade burger that I am still thinking about...when I find the recipe I will share for sure!

What about you?

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