I finally decided to tackle beef bourguignon this weekend. It was not Julia Child's but I will get there for sure. And I guess technically this would be considered a stew so for everyone who wants to point that out enjoy this Beef Bourguignon Soup

Has anyone read the book Julie/Julia? It was even made into a movie

There is a moment where she tackles Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon and it gets interesting.

This whole thing is a process and once I finally decided I was going to make my first crockpot version it was Saturday afternoon. This takes 8-10 hours to create.

Note to first timers if you get the chance to ask the butcher to cut your 3 lbs of chuck roast into one-inch cubes I would do it. I think mine are smaller than they were supposed to be and my knife wasn't as sharp as I thought or it's just plain old hard work. Either way, I was thankful I have been going to the gym!

The number of spices is pretty minimal.

Thyme. Salt. Pepper. Garlic

You get to make a fancy sauce with red wine and chicken stock.

Oh and it all starts off with chopping up five pieces of bacon, crisping them up and then browning those little cubes of meat in the fat. Yes.

Chop up five carrots. Add sliced mushrooms. I noticed one recipe had pearl onion but my husband isn't a fan so I am sticking to the script for the first go round.

Last I poured in a bag of tri-colored potatoes. So pretty.

Townsquaremedia/Sarah J

As I set the timer for 10 hours I realized I was going to have to wake up at 4 am in the morning to shut it off or I would ruin it. I googled just in case. After two hours the reckoning begins so don't mess with that biz. Knowing I was kicking off Super Bowl Sunday with this fanciness is a pretty cool start to the day if you ask me!

I was a little worried at how unjuicy it all looked but as time went on I started to notice something.

The smell. Oh, the smell. I had heard the process is amazing but I didn't realize it was going to build like that as the hours ticked by. I couldn't help but stop every time I passed the kitchen to hover over the lid, watching the juices bubble and that rich delicious smell cover the entire apartment. :)

In the end, the honey LOVED it, I LOVED it and we for sure will be making this again.

This is what I will be doing next time :)



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