You know, the fact that I'm writing this story, shows that I'm screwing up this National Holiday! I should be sitting on my couch, in my underwear, with a cold drink in my hand while watching TV. Instead, I'm sitting here on my couch, in my underwear, with a cold drink to the side of my laptop looking up an old picture of my cat, who by far was one of the most lazy creatures I've ever known. All so that I can wish you a happy National Lazy Day!

Now, you can call your pets "lazy" or you can call them smart. I'm sure they're not on high blood pressure medicine or anxiety pills. They just take life as it comes. In fact, I often look at my dog sleeping and think, "lazy good boy, you only don't have a job because you don't have thumbs". As you can tell, I'm getting off topic because I wish I could be lazy like an animal (or some of my co-workers), but I have a quota to fill, and so I'm doing that with laziness. Even on today, August 10th, when we are suppose to celebrate procrastination and the entire art form of being lazy, I'm busy. Well, maybe tomorrow will be better!

The History of National Lazy Day!

I would tell you how this holiday came into being, but that would take work, and it would kind of defeat the purpose of the day. So I'll just say this, 1 out of every 481,516,234.2 people didn't read that full number. If you are that one, then congrats, you're well on your way to properly celebrating today! If you did read that number, then you were probably lazy at some point and watched the full TV Series of LOST. Good for you, if only we could all be lazy in Hurley's van!

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How To Celebrate At Work!

Now, I'm not saying you need to quit your job in order to celebrate, just maybe not work so hard. Take an extra long bathroom break. Make your cigarette break a full pack. Go search for something, and causally keep searching until you find it in your car, where you can take a nap until punch out time. Or my favorite, COMPUTER SOLITAIRE! Or the ultimate, go to a staff meeting that could be an email, and waste more time. Or maybe even READ THE EMAILS... even though your just staring at the computer screen. However you celebrate at work, I have faith in you!

How To Celebrate At Home!

If you are already at home, then kick back, relax and don't do anything. If anyone gives you grief, just let them know, that it's your religious beliefs to celebrate this particular holiday... possibly for the rest of the week! One last thing before I go celebrate by myself... if I made any errors in this article, I'm too lazy to fix it! Cheers!


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