If you've followed my writings, then you know I'm a comic fan. Sure my true favorites when it comes to super hero genre is Batman, Spider-Man, Flash, Daredevil, TMNT. I'd say Wonder Woman is in my top 10 favorite heroes. Especially ever since her big screen debut in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 portrayed by Gal Godot.

Happy Wonder Woman Day!

I must say, I was surprised when I found that there was a National Wonder Woman Day! Batman Day has been around for years. But I had no idea that there was a Wonder Woman Day. Which is because, to the best I can tell, today is the first one and it's to celebrate her 80 anniversary! According to Collider.com, the Wonder Woman celebration began in March with International Woman's Day and is reaching the peak today on October 21st!

DC Comics
DC Comics

The History of Wonder Woman!

I could go into the LONG history of the Amazon who has had her origins changed up a couple times, but you can find that anywhere. The most interesting part for me, is how she was created by psychologist/professor/writer William Marston with the help of his wife Elizabeth and their life partner Olive Byrne (if you're confused by what you just read, it's a very interesting tale to which I recommend watching the movie Professor Marston & the Wonder Women staring Rebecca Hall (Godzilla Vs. Kong / Iron Man 3) or the book The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore) along with artist Harry G. Peter. The coolest thing (to me) about Professor Marston is that he created one of the earliest forms of the lie detector machine. It makes sense that Wonder Woman has a lasso of truth!

What Wonder Woman Means To Me?

I don't know if I ever had much stake in Wonder Woman. Sure I've collected her comics and cartoons and movies (as you can see from above). But she's not even my favorite heroine (DC's Zatanna gets that spot). That does not detract how appreciative I am of everything that the character has done in real life. The inspiration she has brought to so many. I will admit was blown away, and almost had a tear in my eye during the "Doomsday" fight scene in Batman V Superman when she made her premiere with the musical score and proceeded to kick ass. There's something that really gets to me when I see characters I've grown up enjoying come to life for the first time.

Classic Wonder Woman

Linda Carter (who portrayed Diana Prince/Wonder Woman) in the late 70's did great! I was born in 1981, so I just got to watch her along with Adam West in reruns of their own shows. It helped teach me right from wrong, and if I spin around in a circle fast enough, I might be able to change outfits!

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How Can You Celebrate Wonder Woman Day?


Simple, do what she teaches. Help people, be kind and honest. If you want a more literal way, watch the movies, read the books, spin around in a circle. You can even go to your local comic shop (Ron's Coin & Collectables in Yakima, Central City Comics in Ellensburg, Adventures Underground in Richland to name a few) and pick up a Free Wonder Woman comic (while supplies last) or purchase one and help the industry that have been making kids and adults minds and hearts fill with WONDER for the past 80 years!


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