The Suicide Squad is one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer, so I doubt you need convincing to watch it. However, if you're going to see it in theaters, do yourself a favor and watch it at Orion in Yakima for a real experience.

Orion offers full service and no not at the concessions stand but in your very own seat. Instead of waiting in line all you have to do is tap on your tray and servers come right to you. Not only do they have a full menu of drinks and food they also offer special cocktails and meals for the movie you're seeing.

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The best part about this theater in my opinion is it's 21 and up which means no kiddos in the theater, which for this movie is probably a good thing. They also have a specialized drink called the Quinn Quencher which comes with vodka, triple sec, and grenadine with blood-red cherry for $10. Even better they also have a special food order for this movie called the Corto Maltese which is a steak sandwich with grilled yellow onions served on a hoagie roll with onion rings and fry sauce. Not only will you get a full belly and drinks but you'll get to enjoy what I think is the best Anti-Hero movie in a very long time.

Everything the first Suicide Squad movie got wrong this one got right, Warner Brothers kept their nose out of the film and let James Gunn work his magic, leaving us with the ultimate movie experience you'll wanna have in theaters. Not only is this the theater to go to but it will also be shown in a Dolby Imax theater. Which if you haven't experienced a movie in Dolby atmos this is the movie to check out.

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