Kaley Cuoco married equestrian Karl Cook on Saturday. They'd been dating for about two years. Celebrity guests included her "Big Bang Theory" co-stars Johnny Galecki and Mayim Bialik. So Johnny is one of her exes. They had a pretty serious relationship back in the day. Obviously the relationship ended well and they are still great friends.

Have you ever been invited to an ex's wedding? Did you go?

Angela called and shared a story of how her ex invited her to his wedding. She attended. The bride threw shade the entire time, which she assumed was because she showed up without a date. She ended up leaving the reception the classy way.

Orin called and told us his ex invited him to GIVE HER AWAY at her upcoming wedding. Apparently his ex's fiance was fine with it, too. Orin felt it would be too awkward up on stage when the time came, so he politely declined.

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