My wife has recently been attempting to grow an avocado. Like you, we LOVE guacamole and are regularly buying avocados. So why not grow them? I really wish they were as easy to grow as tomatoes, but they aren't. You'd better pack your patience if you are wanting to grow an avocado. I had my wife type a quick blurb as to how she got this avocado seed to grow:

"After making guacamole, I saved three pits. I wrapped them each up with a damp paper towel and put all three into a thin produce plastic bag and knotted up the top. I placed them in the window sill to grow. After about two weeks I opened up the bag. The paper towels were still damp. I unwrapped each of them to see if there was any growth. NOT YET. I wrapped them back up in the same paper towel and didn’t add any water. Another week I checked again. I did this for about six weeks or so. FINALLY, there was a crack in the pit and roots were poking out through it. I waited until the roots were about an inch long, you could also see the “tree” part starting to come from the opposite direction of the roots. Then I transported to a 16-ounce iced coffee cup. I cut a small hole at the top of the lid where the straw goes. Filled the cup with water to the very top. I then put the pit on top of the lid with the root going through the whole and touching the water. I repeated this with the other two pits once they got to the same stage. I was told that once the tree gets over 6 inches tall to cut it at the 6-inch mark. I guess this makes the stem(trunk?) stronger. At this point, I should transfer them to dirt, but I haven’t gotten a pot yet to do so."

I'm such an instant gratification guy that I would have lost interest after the first week. Luckily my wife has the patience to wait this thing out. I'm hoping the end result is worth the wait!

Have you ever successfully grown an avocado?

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