Wait – my Co-Host is named Brian! What’s going on here?!?

People with certain names may be more susceptible to accidents, according to new data compiled by Uplift Legal Funding.

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These are the names of men and women who are considered the "clumsiest" and "most accident-prone.

Kyle topped the list of clumsy male names, followed by Blake, Brian, Ryan and Daniel.

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As for clumsy female’s names, Hailey topped the chart. Taylor came in second place, while Linda, Barbara and Kimberley followed for a tied third.

So how did they figure this out? They reviewed cases that "involved the claimant encountering an incident causing personal injuries, such as slips, trips and falls in the workplace and at home or in a public setting." They were able to see which names appeared most frequently in the cases and compile them into a ranked list.

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Kyle topped the list of male names, with Blake, Brian, Ryan and Daniel falling behind in second through fifth place, according to the data. Also in the top 10 for male names were Mark, Bob, Samuel, William and James.


As for females, Uplift Legal Funding said Hailey was deemed the "clumsiest" name. Taylor came in second place, while Linda, Barbara and Kimberley followed behind in second through fifth place. Mary, Angela, Deborah, Gabrielle and Louise rounded out the list for females.

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A side, note - there's a documentary called "Freakonomics" and it dives deep into how our names affect our lives. It makes a ton of sense why some people may miss opportunities in life when their parents give them a dumb, boring or crazy names.

So to all the Blake’s, Brian’s, Hailey’s and Linda’s who are in earshot, let’s be careful out there!


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