Everyone knows there are federal taxes on tobacco and alcohol, but did you know your candy bar is taxed too? Plenty of unexpected taxes raise the price of goods and services; so-called sin taxes, import duties, user fees and excise taxes on things as varied as gas guzzlers, firearms, communications services and air travel. There’s a tax on many of the items you think are free. For example, The life insurance policy that your employer gives you as a benefit is taxed if it is more than $50,000. According to the U.S. International Trade Commission, here are some items whose prices swell with import taxes:

Office or school supplies 53%
Bicycles 30%
Table linens 113%
Certain infant formula 30%
Peanut butter 132%
Flashlights 125%
Office or school supplies 53%
Girdles 20%
Golf shoes 35%
Brooms 32%
Cameras 20%
Cotton hammocks 14%

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