This is something I have been dreading. I wrote about this a couple weeks ago. I am going in next week to the Washington Department of Licensing to take care of my Washington License / ID. I am also going to get my registration for my car taken care of. In Cali we call them “tags.” Here in Washington, they are called “tabs.”

DOL says owners of basic passenger vehicles start with a fee of $43.25 and “things like vehicle weight, location and taxes determine the final amount.” That $43.25 consists of a $30 basic renewal fee, $4.50 county filing fee,  a 75-cent license service fee and $8 service fee.

Recently there was a the state Supreme Court struck down voter initiative which aimed to reduce car tab fees to $30. King Inslee didn’t like it.

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“I do believe that we ought to look at options to reform that system, answer the frustration of people in Washington, and at the same time find a way to replace that financial source that keeps our transportation system running,” Washington Govenor Jay Inslee said.

Even though it was approved in November 2019, by 53% of YOU – the voters of Washington State.


“We need to do that in combination with a way to replace funds that would otherwise make it impossible for us to keep our bridges from falling in the river, and potholes taking over I-5, and keeping our buses running,” Inslee added.

Hmm, potholes don't happen overnight. I thought the DOL fees YOU were paying, took care of this?

Matthew Cavanaugh, Getty Images
Matthew Cavanaugh, Getty Images

"If the cost of car tabs is to be reduced, Inslee made it clear that the state will need to find ways to replace the transportation funds that would be lost." Inslee stated.

“People’s frustration is abundant, we ought to recognize that. I do believe we should be open to reforming the car tabs system,” he said.

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This sounds like pre-raising tax talk to me. Like a plan to charge more taxes on a gallon of gas. I know, government – they never met a tax they didn’t like.

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Do you know how much you pay per gallon in State taxes?  In Washington, drivers pay a 49.4 cent per gallon state gas tax. This is supposed to funds a wide range of transportation projects and fix potholes. Oh, then there's federal government charges of an additional 18.4 cents per gallon. Do the math. Nearly 70 cents a gallon. For a 10 gallon tank, that's $7 a gallon everytime you fill up - which for the average person about twice a month. That's about $170-200 a year. That's just gas taxes. 

“I am not licensed to do anything.” (S8E11)


Add WDL fees on top of that and you have to wonder - where does all that money go?

This is supposed to cover roads and whatnot. Do you trust that is where funds are truly going? I have my suspicions.

Remember this when you vote a few days – if you haven’t already.


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