"The Belltown Hellcat" sounds like the name of a Batman villain. Some unpredictable and wild character that Bruce Wayne would have to battle in one of those movies. Somebody maybe even Harley Quinn would have teamed up with!

The Belltown Hellcat, however, is a young man who appears to be in either his late teens or early 20s, and he drives a tough-looking (and extremely loud) car. He's is not exactly loved  by local residents because he is notorious for driving around making a bunch of loud ruckus, especially at night!

Seattle Belltown Hellcat Car
srt.miles via Instagram

Thousands of people in Seattle and Belltown neighborhoods are sounding off on seeing The Belltown Hellcat's car being towed the other day. The story has gone viral and even international.

Belltown Hellcat Reddit User Reaction
screenshot licklylick via reddit

Keep reading to find out why so many people are rejoicing over this totally random event!

Domain Expansion Infinite Drip
srt.miles via Instagram

His real name is Miles Hudson and his Insta handles is "srt.miles".

I'm going to call him "Seattle Hellcat" for now.

srt miles via Instagram
srt miles via Instagram

He drives a 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The car doesn't get much mileage for the gallon; only 13 miles in the city and up to 22 on the highway. It costs at least $63,000 for the basic model. I'm guessing the souped up one that Seattle Hellcat drives is in the $93,000 range.

I don't really know what this next sentence means because I'm not into cars like that, but the Hellcat has a 6.2 L V8 engine and has 717 up to 807 horsepower.

Belltown Hellcat Reddit User Reaction
screenshot LogantherPaladin via Reddit

Seattle Hellcat has over 780,000 followers on Instagram, pretty impressive for a young guy who literally drives around in his car and hangs out with his friends.

Wait, he just gained one more because I just clicked the "follow" button. I want to watch this kid's adventures (and misadventures), too! #FOMO

According to the THOUSANDS of Reddit comments I've skimmed through, the backstory goes a little something like this:

    • The mom lets Hudson (and his friends) drive the Hellcat.

    • Hudson drives the Hellcat all over Belltown and other parts of Seattle, intentionally revving up the engine and ticking off all the neighbors because the car is so loud.

    • According to locals, Hudson allegedly drives the Hellcat like a maniac, too.

    • Hudson gets the Hellcat impounded more than once.

    • The mom always bails out the car, because it's registered in her name, after all.

    • A few days ago, Hudson parked the Hellcat in a downtown Seattle disabled spot parking stall, even though there are NO DISABLED plates on the car.

    • The Belltown Hellcat gets towed away once again, and thousands of people couldn't be happier. Seriously! This story has gone viral and the son is now a bonafide international sensation.

The Reddit reactions are hilarious!

Just spotted downtown
byu/rainbowbunny09 inSeattle


  Comment byu/rainbowbunny09 from discussion inSeattle

FUN FACT: Belltown Hellcat loves the Carly Jepsen song, Call Me Maybe. (Warning: NSFW)




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