When anyone mentions gas prices, it's rarely a good thing.

Oh, we long for the days when you can literally see the pennies go up as you're pumping your gas only to have it, now, skip all over the place.

Pumping gas and looking at the price flicker should never look like a slot machine on full whack, but here we are!

Fortunately, Oregon doesn't even make the top 3 states for expensive gas in America, thanks to our friends in California, Hawaii, and Washington, who round out the top 3 on the list.

On that note when you're driving long stretches, maybe it's best to leave Washington first, then fill up your gas in Oregon. You might save just enough for a gumball!


As of March 22, 2024, these are the most expensive cities in Oregon for gas according to philomathnews.com.

And you know, gas stations jack up prices just before a holiday weekend or during spring break or any opportunity they can to get away with it, if you ask me!

If you find yourself heading to Oregon anytime soon for Spring Break or an event somewhere fun, it may be nice to know where you can have your gas tank filled on for the journey home without wondering if the next gas station is higher or lower than the one you just passed.

Here's what we've got.

The most expensive cities to buy gas in Oregon


#8: Corvallis

Averaging about $4.05 a gallon

#7: Albany

Averaging about $4.08 a gallon

#6: Salem

Averaging about $4.10 a gallon

#5: Eugene-Springfield

Averaging about $4.10 a gallon


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#4: Bend

Averaging about $4.15 a gallon

#3: Portland

Averaging about $4.24 a gallon

#2: Medford-Ashland

Averaging about $4.26 a gallon

#1: Grants Pass

Averaging about $4.33 a gallon


If you can avoid any of these in your journey, you should be fine.


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