Introducing to you the most delightful, the most delicious, the most exquisite item you've ever seen and enjoyed in your life - the macaron.

Not to be confused with a macaroon, that fluffy mound of coconut cookie, these are a light, airy, almondy-type of cookie with a light icing in the middle with such a unique texture that you have to experience for yourself to truly understand.

And, once perfected, they can be flavored and styled in several ways like having one taste like Fruity Pebbles, Astro Pops, lavender, raspberry and whatever else you may enjoy. The one featured in this photo was creme brulee-flavored.

But, holy good lord, are they pricy.

The cost of just one of these cookies can get you an entire box of Oreos in some places.

Why the price? Well, there are a few reasons.

First and I think foremost, they are an artform. You know how sushi is expensive? Same idea. If you make it at home you're making a batch for a fraction of the price but it is a process and, if mastered, you're also paying for the experience.

Like with any art from drawing to photography to engineering, you're not paying for the time, you're paying for the years of trial and error to make these perfect.

Secondly may just be the ingredients. To make these proper, you need almond flour. Your basic, cheap all-purpose flour won't cut it for these, if you're making quality you gotta use quality. Different brands and stores will have different prices but, on average, if all-purpose flour is $5, the same size of almond flour may be closer to $20. Again, worth it.

Third may just come down to scarcity. Not everyone can make these and those who can may not have mastered them. Yes, you might find some in the freezer section at some stores but it's nowhere near the same. You need that fresh-factor for that perfect texture and flavor. There are a few places in Yakima I've seen these and they're not bad at all. Next time you see them, maybe try one just to see for yourself.

The photo in the image came from a stand at a Seattle mall where we bought a few. These were great but, again, when you buy one macaron that resembles and tastes like a frosted animal cookie when you could buy a whole bag of frosted animal cookies for the same price, it's a novelty. A novelty I can't get enough of.

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