3 Cool Places in Yakima to Take Wonderful Horse Riding Lessons

Mulyadi on Unsplash/Canva
Mulyadi on Unsplash/Canva

Did you know there are three cool places in Yakima to take horse riding lessons? Well, technically, one is in Selah.

My daughter's friend, Shayla, loves horses and is taking riding lessons out in Selah. The cost of horse riding lessons is pretty pricey, so Shayla works at the horse ranch in exchange for free riding lessons. Very smart thing for an 11-year-old girl to do!

Horse Riding Lessons in Yakima
Stefanie Poepken on Unsplash

Maybe I could work something out with a local bar in town: they let me wash some dishes in the kitchen in exchange for free drinks. On second thought, hard pass, I hate washing dishes!

I have two local Yakima Valley friends, Erin and her sister Lacy, who are professional show horse competitors with their Arabian and Half-Arabian horses.They compete all over the country! They grew up in West Valley out near Cowiche and their parents worked hard to give them lessons and the proper training to groom and show their horses. Check out @ChateauEpona!

There are opportunities for kids to get exposure to horse competitions in the Yakima Valley through the 4-H club, if your child wants to take their horse riding experiences to the next level. Click here for more info on the next upcoming 4-H shows.

Inquire at one of these places listed below if you or someone you know wants to learn how to properly ride horses.

Riding Lessons with Eva

151 Ray Symmonds Rd, Selah

Hart Ranch Stables

151 Ray Symmonds Rd, Yakima

Lucky Acres Yakima

8603 Wide Hollow Rd, Yakima

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