Gas prices may be thru the roof, enough to the point to make you question other means of transportation. Or you have kids wanting to learn the ropes and how to ride a horse, either way, you're gonna end up loving this list of places to learn.

That's right Yakima has so much to offer, not just food, theaters, or bars, they have places where you can actually go out and learn the trade of Horseback riding. Maybe you already know how then you'll still love this list as you find new places to go out and ride.

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4.) Hart Ranch Stables

Here you can learn to ride a horse indoors or outdoor, the staff is loved by all its patrons and has a reputation for being friendly and caring for their new or experienced riders. You can schedule an appointment online or give them a call to figure out what time and day work best for you.

3.) Lucky Acres

Ever wanted to learn to ride a thoroughbred horse, or be out in the open and enjoy the scenery while riding, then Lucky Acres is the place for you. You can get to know your horse before you begin riding, they also take time to let you become accustomed to riding and take learning at your own pace.

2.) Pegasus Project

If you or someone you know and love has had an interest in horseback riding but thought they wouldn't be able to because they're special needs or handicapped this is the place for them. They teach anyone and everyone how to ride and learn to love and live with horses. They give them a chance to become best friends with the horses and learn to ride just like anyone else.

1.) Flying Hat Ranch Pony Rides

Have small children with an obsession with ponies or riding horses? This is the place you need to check out. Teaching kids of all ages how to ride and making them feel comfortable with animals. Let your kids live out all their dreams and teach them young how to ride horses. It could give them lessons for a lifetime.

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