When you think of the Pacific Northwest as an outsider you probably think, of hipsters, musicians, coffee enthusiasts, and big tech. What you're missing is, "Rednecks". People never believe us when we tell them the PNW is full of them and they're very proud.

Let us take you on a tour of the most Redneck cities in all of Oregon. If you get curious about the rednecks in Washington state you can check out our most redneck cities in the link below.

Top 5 Redneck Cities of Washington State

Now let's dive into it!

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The Top 5 Most Redneck Cities of Oregon

5.) Klamath Falls 

Klamath Falls takes number five on our list as it's the go-to spot for rednecks living in the area. With the fourth largest amount of gun stores in Oregon, it's a popular spot. It's also known as a decent-sized area for water sports and also a big spot in the fishing community, which definitely earns them redneck street cred.

4.) Roseburg

Known to locals as "The Burg", this area has earned it's redneck rating for being one of the only places in Oregon where you can find a smoke shop on almost any corner. It's also home to the 4th largest amount of trailer parks per person in the state. Definitely earning its spot here at number 4.

3.) Tillamook

The home of the Tillamook Cheese factory shouldn't be on this list, right? Wrong! Tillamook, Oregon, is the main site of the Oregon County Fair, which has the most flash-fried foods in the state. Not to mention, Tillamook has 12 trailer parks alone in its city limits and ranks ninth in number of gun stores. However, they are known widely known being a top spot for bird watching, not to mention being the home of Tillamook cheese.

2.) Hood River 

Hood River, Oregon, is a beautiful little city with a population of only 8,313. It is the county seat of Hood River County. It's also the only place where you can legally consume alcohol on city sidewalks and parks. It also ranks 3rd in number of trailer parks and seventh for the number of bars. Visitors and locals also love this city for its  of windsurfing water sports opportunities as well as Hood River's many breweries, vineyards, and tourist areas.

1.) Wood Village

With a population of only 4,387, Wood Village has one of the lowest ratings for high school graduates (around 2 to 3 graduates for every 10 people who attended). The city is also known for having the largest Walmart Super Center with the lowest population, which locals are very proud of. (That definitely plays a big factor.) The town itself has gone as far as to say that it's a great place to live if you're commuting to and from Portland. Not a huge selling point, but alright.

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What Do You Think of This List?

Seen a town that's way more deserving of being the redneck capital of Oregon? Reach out and send us a message, we can always restructure the list.

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