Ag News: Milk Markets Rally
Milk markets have been rallying to the upside lately. As of a week ago Friday contracts in August, September, October and November were all trading over $17 per hundred weight.
Ag News: Ladybug Swarm
Like something out of a science fiction movie, meteorologists across Southern Cal. spotted a large storm-like signal on their radars that made no sense with calm weather.
Ag News: More Prime Beef
USDA’s latest steer and heifer grading report shows carcasses grading Prime accounted for 9.6% of all cattle graded, with another 71% grading Choice.
Ag News: U.S. Cheese on USMCA
Some of the largest U.S. cheese companies say the new trade agreement is an empty win if the administration doesn't dial down the steel and aluminum tariffs.
Japan and EU Agreement; Missouri-Arkansas Ban Dicamba
**The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is disappointed, but its trade director Kent Bacus tells Brownfield they are not surprised the EU has agreed to a trade deal with Japan.
He says it’s disappointing because Japan is reportedly giving European beef producers ve…
Check Out The Weird Baby Names In 2013
I can't believe that people actually named their babies these names, but it is true! Someone in America is a baby named Cheese! Really??!! Why would you do that to your kid? Think about when they are on the play ground and little Johnny is making fun of your kid!