5 Best Souvenir Gifts from the  SeaTac Airport Shops

If you are planning on passing through the Sea-Tac airport anytime soon, you should bring along some extra money to do a little bit of shopping inside. Airports aren't usually known for being a hub to shop therapy but in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, there are at least 5 airport shops that you must visit and get yourself (or someone you love) a special souvenir or two!
I have frequented the Sea-Tac airport many times over the years and I can tell you my five favorite places to stop during my flight connection wait times. I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves making a pit stop at any of these airport shops because sometimes there are long lines (although that could just be because we are stuck waiting for our connecting flights).
Before you leave Sea-Tac, you have got to check out at least one of these airport gift shops.
5 Best Souvenir Gifts from the SeaTac Airport Shops

1 . Seattle Chocolate near Gate C1

If you are nice, they will offer you a free sample (or two, or three) of their amazingly delicious chocolates. Their strategy works because I usually buy a handful of chocolates after tasting them for free! They are that good. My daughter loves their birthday cake-flavored chocolate and I am crazy about their sea-salted caramel chocolate.

2 . Fireworks Gallery Gift Shop near the Central Terminal and Gate D7

You can find unique gifts for your home, office, home office, and for your kids inside Fireworks. Shoppers can also find something in the store that can help soothe them on their flight, like books, toys, and more.

3 . Made in Washington near the Central Terminal

Souvenir shopping? Made in Washington is the perfect place to get a last-minute souvenir gift for someone on your list. Keychains, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more are available here, all emblazoned with some Washington state love.

4 . Beecher's Handmade Cheese near Gate C3

Arguably the second-best cheese in the Pacific Northwest (Cougar Gold Cheese comes in first, sorry not sorry), no trip to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is complete without stopping by Beecher's to get a side of their mac and cheese. It is served piping hot, too! Comfort food is especially on the menu when you are stressed about flying!
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5 . Elliott Bay Book Company near Gate C1

Gotta have a book for your flight out of Sea-Tac? Stop by the famous Elliott Bay Book Company gift shop. If you haven't heard of Elliott Bay, it has been a downtown Seattle fixture since 1973.

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