It's graduation time, and with that comes graduation pranks. Kylan Scheele is a senior in Missouri who will not be allowed to walk at his high school graduation due to a senior prank that involved Craigslist.

It seems Kylan put his high school up for sale on Craigslist. While other kids plotted to release mice or build a beach front in the lobby, he chose something a little more laid-back and decided to put his school up for sale. He even listed the reason for selling his high school as "the loss of students."

Police are investigating, but won't be filling charges.

Kylan says he understands getting a three-day suspension, but not being denied a once-in-a-lifetime moment like walking for graduation.

My graduating class pulled a senior prank, but that was also light years ago, when it was a given that the seniors would pull a prank before graduating. My class rounded up signs -- real-estate for-sale signs from homes, sandwich boards and basically any sign we could pull up and plant on the lawn in front of the school. Did we all get suspended or not allowed to walk at graduation? No, they simply made us put all the signs back where we found them.

Is the school overacting or should there be a no-tolerance policy for any senior pranks?


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