Smile for the camera!
Two down, two more to go. My second oldest, Benjamin, has graduated from Naches Valley High School.
As a mom, it's a bag of mix feelings -- I'm happy to see them enter the next stage in life, but sad that they no longer need me.
What about you...
What's a good gift?
My second-oldest son, Benjamin, is about to graduate from Naches Valley High School.
My normal go-to graduation gift would be money, but is there something special that I can get him?
Listen Up Class of 2015 [VIDEO]
Have you ever heard the old saying the "Cream of the Crop" or "The Cream Rises to the Top." Those infamous sayings mean that you are the best of the best and if you work hard you will make it to the top of your industry.
As the class of 2015 graduates in the next week I have some…