Graduation is one of the biggest days in a kids life. A sign that they've made a huge accomplishment. Sure, some will joke that it's the easiest accomplishment, but still, in their young lives, it's the toughest one yet. One that will be filled with memories to last a life time. Heck, I remember when I graduated from Naches in 2000, when everyone threw their blue hats, I (being a huge WWE wrestling fan) picked up a steel chair & carried it out of the gym waving it triumphantly.

When I read the news Naches Valley School District was planning on still holding a physical graduation, that made me very proud. Naches would rarely close school, even in the toughest of weather, so the thought that they'd cancel graduation for ANYTHING, made me ask "really?" According to their Facebook page, Naches will hold a physical graduation at some point in the future:

The full post is as follows:

Dear Class of 2020,

Naches Valley School District believes in celebrating student successes, and none more important than high school graduation. Though ideas of a “virtual” graduation have been floated or a procession of cars (parade-style) collecting diplomas, we feel that this a “life event” and one that is too important not to do in person. This is especially true for families of seniors that relish the ceremony and special moment.


Therefore, the District has decided to hold a physical graduation ceremony. The date, time, and location are not yet determined as we wait to see what restrictions are eventually lifted and to what degree. The decision to hold a physical graduation ceremony was made from the responses received from staff, seniors and their families.

We recognize that any decision won’t please everyone, but given the current situation, we feel holding graduation honors the students for their hard work and accomplishments.


We will, of course, keep you updated and apprised as we receive more information. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact our superintendent, Robert Bowman, at

Stay safe and healthy!

Like the post says, for any concerns & questions, feel free to reach out to the school superintendent, Robert Bowman, at


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