Life is a contact sport. Strap up. You are gonna need protection.

In an effort to help the graduates of 2020 prepare for life, as a public service, we are giving real life advice to graduates that they need to engage and tackle this thing called life.

We are NOT throwing platitudes around like they do at ceremonies - no, this is the stuff that will help you out in day-to-day life, throughout your life. 

The following advice is a brutally honest. I WISH I had someone impart just a portion of this advice to me when I graduated high school / college.

Feel free to share with the grad in your life.

Here, we, go...

1. SUCK IT UP. Don't be a whiner. Get in there and work for what you want. Life owes you NOTHING. So earn it.

2. Always act like there is a microphone and a camera nearby. Because there is.

3. Learn a trade. It's a great thing to have either as a first choice, or at the very least- a fall back position. You'll always have a job.

4. Always get the slice of pie / Never eat the last piece / slice of anything.

5. Always look before you flush. Make sure everything looks like its supposed to.

6. You don't need 10 commandments. You just need one: Don't be a jerk.

7. Know when to shut your mouth. That's especially true in matters of politics, and social media.

8. Never trust a guy with a toothpick in his mouth.

9. Remember this: Be smart enough to know you don't know it all. Most young people think they do - and then around the age of 26 - they realize they don't know squat. Know that - and it will help you in many many ways...

10. You can't stand together unless you can stand as one. (Deep, but true).

11. Don't try to talk to people when they're watching a movie.

12. Take responsibility for the stupid things you do. The pain that follows may suck, but its' always shorter when you own it first. Own it.

13. Always get your ice cream in a dish. Unless youre a hot girl/lady - nobody wants to see you lick an ice cream cone.

14. Be open to learning from everyone. You never know what you may discover.

15. Don't tell people how good you are at anything. That's for other people to say. When you say it - it just makes you look like a jerk.

16. Suck it up. Life Owes you nothing. Go out, get it and own it!


All My Best To The Grads of 2020,

The JimShow

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