Holiday solitude
I have a friend (we'll call her "Annie") who confided in me that she really didn't want to go anywhere for Thanksgiving.
Annie said that her family lives thousands of miles away and she did not want to deal with the hassle of traveling through the airports with her child or dealing with all…
Keeping kids cool in summer
Summer is here! Thank God for the warm weather, but being a mom isn't always fun this time of year. A lot of parents can't wait for school to start again because it keeps the kids busy. But how mean is that? Summertime can be fun -- and educational -- for you and your kids. Kids can get angry, thoug…
Eight Words Women Use and the Interpretation
If you are married or in a semi serious relationship then most likely heard these words more than once. Now the next time you hear them let this be your guide to know what they mean and how you should react.