It was sudden. Thursday evening, a flurry of meetings. Both state and local level meetings to get Yakima to Phase 1.5.

Friday morning came the announcement - Yakima is now in Phase 1.5. Now what?

Well, the first thing Lisa and I did, was to head over to Yakima Public House and test drive their new patio. It's right around the corner from our place and a nice walk to and from our place. All tables were social distanced and masks we mandatory until seated. We loved being on Yakima Public House's new patio. It was comfy, vibey, clean and ready for the public to enjoy.


We sat and enjoyed a couple IPA's (high IBU count for me) with some solid pizza for lunch and enjoyed the beautiful day. To be honest, it was a little weird. Not that Yakima Public House is strange. It's actually very cool. What's strange is seeing people do people things again.

You see, over the past four months (120 days ya'll), after NOT seeing people gather, hug, engage and dialogue is something I have gotten used to. We are used to seeing masks now. Staying in. This whole thing has been an introverts dreams. But even the introverts in my life are growing weary of a lack of interaction. It's time to emerge.


But here we were socializing. Talking, laughing, enjoying each other’s company. It was a bit strange - yet very welcomed. And long overdue.

There is probably a similar adjustment that we will all have to go through as we navigate life back to "normal". Some more than others. For me, I am finding the initial contact still a bit awkward because I am a hand shaker/hugger. So the "exaggerated / acknowledged wave" is still my move until we figure out if the handshake is dead or if we are going to bow.


Either way, it's good that we are progressing toward getting back on track. A normal life - whatever that means anymore.

All My Best,

The JimShow

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