This has nothing to do with the election tomorrow. It has everything to do with what happens after.

Let’s face it, half of America will not be happy whatever the results are. We may not even know results for days. So using common sense, here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for what is sure to be a contentious week.


On Election Day

  1. Start It With Perspective

We live in the best country in the world. We are a kind, generous and giving people. The majority of us would not blink an eye to help one another in a time of need. Regardless of race color or creed. Our system of a Democratic Republic is still the best system in the world. It hasn’t always been perfect, but we have learned from our missteps, adjusted and made our country a better place for all.

If you don’t think America is a great country, try talking to recent immigrants. They will tell you from experience, America is the land of opportunity. Be thankful you live in a country where you are free to speak your mind and have the freedom of choice.


Set Up Your Boundaries

When it comes to politics, I have family and friends with varying political stances. In fact, some of my best friends are political opposites of me. That’s a good thing. While we usually can have these conversations in a healthy way and we all love each other dearly, consider limiting communication on Election Day and possibly a couple days after. Having these boundaries means offering one another the space to celebrate and process as needed.

  1. Allow Yourself Permission To Believe What You Believe

Your beliefs may be based on your principles, morals or both. Stand by them. At the same time, allow them to challenged. Strong beliefs stand up to the scrutiny of questions and pass the test of logic and reason. You came to your beliefs for a reason. Whether your guy won or lost is not a reflection on if you are right or wrong. Remember why you have them in the first place. Don’t count defeat or victory as a validation of your beliefs as right or wrong. You have the right to believe the most insane theories or sanest of theories.

That’s one of the benefits of America. You have the right to think for yourself. At the same time you have the right to be wrong. And that’s a good thing. Let’s celebrate our right to be right and wrong at the same time.


After the Election

  1. Get Away From Media

The news cycles won't end. The Cable news channels and social media will be awash with bombarding you with information overload. Consider taking time away from all these things. They will offer little new information. Take a break to avoid political fatigue, if that’s not already too late.

  1. Consistency Is Your Friend

Experts will always tell you in the time of crisis, a death, a job change or any major life event, it is important to stay on a consistent schedule. Managing these events with consistency is important part of the process. Waking up, going to bed, should remain the same and consistent.

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  1. Be Objective

Eventually you will have conversations about things. Consider to being open about issues. You may be wrong. You may be right. I have changed my mind on issues based on vetting ideas and looking into issues. At the same time, don’t compromise your principles. Do a lot of listening. Do not be quick to react or interject. Like you, others just want to be heard. Hear them out. Have a measured and respectful response.

I do not know what tomorrow brings. We cannot control it. What we can control is our response to all of this.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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