I remember in the 80's thinking it was silly when people would buy bottled water. Fast forward to 2021 when I saw out of the corner of my eye canned oxygen. That's right! Oxygen in a canister made for you to inhale. And not even in a medical store, I found these at Walgreens. It's not as looney as you'd think!

Here in Yakima we don't have the high elevations as, say, Colorado. However if you happen to go hiking up Mt. Rainier or Baker this may come in handy.

Before going too further, it lists clearly on the label that this is not medical grade oxygen. This is what they label as Aviators Breathing Oxygen and not intended for prescription or medical use. This has also not been evaluated by the FDA.

However if you need a quick hit of oxygen because of exercise or from all the times you keep gasping from watching a scary movie, this may come in handy.

Fun to find out it came in several flavors, too. They have natural which didn't taste like anything (go figure) but they also had menthol, pink grapefruit and peppermint.

This is from Boost Oxygen and I found these at Walgreens. I think they ran $16 or $17 a canister but couldn't resist at least trying. At first it was almost as a joke but I've since bought 3 of them with plans to buy more. I can't explain it, I just like it.

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