Fair Food Fest is on now. As we tolerate all things 'Rona, we are forced to deal with adjustments in everyday life. This includes events. When the Central Washington State Fair was forced to cancel the fair, they did what most businesses have had to do - they pivoted.

This is how we got to the very unique and fun idea of 'Fair Food Fest'. Featuring one the best parts of the fair - the food. A drive-thru event where we can enjoy the foods of the fair, while social distancing and keeping people safe.

I had the opportunity to experience this earlier this afternoon. I took the Bull Truck through the event. The way the 'Food Fair Fest' is managed like the freeway. The inside lane is for ordering. The outside lane is for passing. When in the order lane, you can park and the vendors bring your order to your car. There you can enjoy it, or take it home.

There are over a dozen vendors to choose from. The vendors are super friendly and are ready to serve you. I ordered Hawaiian Teriyaki. After getting my order, got it home and everyone devoured it. Kudos to the mini-donuts which were also really good.

I took a drive thru it to show you what to expect.


Here's another Northwest discovery for me - Elephant Ears. You love 'em, they got 'em.

Also back this year, Young Life's Burgers. Plenty of options for everyone in your brood.

If we can’t have the fair, we'll settle for the food.

All My Best,

The JimShow