What kind of fun things are happening in Oregon during the month of May? We did a little digging around (the roses) and found some fun stuff that kids and adults can enjoy.

If you don't live in Oregon and don't get to travel out that way much, you might think that there's a bunch of country bumpkins, sitting around pickling things in Mason jars, and camping off the grid in the back of Subaru cars, but you'd be completely wrong!


People in Oregon are busy; they have fun things to do and lots of time to do them. Take a look at these seven (7) fun events and fairs we found happening this month. There's an eclectic mix of festivals and events covering Legos to singing the Blues to stopping and smelling the flowers, and drinking tasty Oregon BEER.

May 4-7:

1 . Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland

Oregon Brewers Festival
Oregon Brewers Festival via Facebook

May 5:

2 . Portland Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Portland Cinco de Mayo Fiesta
Portland Cinco de Mayo Fiesta via Facebook

May 6th-May 7th

3 . Clackamas County Spring Garden Fair in Canby


Spring Garden Fair - Canby
Spring Garden Fair via Facebook


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May 7:

4 . Inner City Blues Festival in Portland


Inner City Blues -Healing the Health Care Blues
CREDIT: Paul Brown Photography via Inner City Blues - Healing Health Care Blues on Facebook


May 13-14

5. Bricks Cascade­™ 2023 Public LEGO Expo

Bricks Cascade™ Legos Fair
Bricks Cascade via Facebook

May 13-15:

6 . Rhododendron Festival in Florence aka Rhody Days

Rhododendron Festival - Florence OR
Rhododendron Festival via Facebook


May 26-May 29

7 . Portland Rose Festival

City of Portland OR
City of Portland OR via Facebook
  • Memorial Day Weekend Brings 4 Days of Fun

  • Opening Night Fireworks presented by Xfinity (May 26)

  • Ukulele Jam & Sing Along (May 28)

  • Kids, Clowns & Characters (May 29)


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