I received a message on my answering machine that almost sounded official. I say almost as there were several things wrong with it.

Yes, they called my house, but addressed the number as my ex-sister-in-law with her address. They basically said they were going to stop by the address to get something signed or, if they weren't there, stop by their work to get it signed and if there were any question to call 'The Firm' at 800-332-1715.

First of all, the laughing at the beginning of the phone call wasn't very professional at all. That was my first giveaway that this couldn't be legit.

The obvious one was they called my home phone number, but asked for my ex-sister-in-law and even said her home address. Not sure why they called my number for her, but that's another issue.

And the fact they wouldn't state what it was for or what 'The Firm' was is the final piece of the puzzle. If it was from, say, the hospital or law office they would've said 'call 'so-and-so law firm at' and probably give a local number, not an 800 number. If they were local enough to stop by your house, they're local enough to have a local number.

Doing some quick research, as it turns out, others have received a call from this number. Since it was on my answering machine I played back the call so you could hear it.

The trick is they want you to call the number as, once you do, you end up paying on your next phone bill, even though it's an 800. As always, if you don't recognize it, don't trust it.

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