Many people think your first amendment is purely the freedom of speech but it also falls under the laws of freedom of the press and your right to record interactions with any government officials.

That being said Police are finding new ways to avoid your first amendment right by using copyrighted music such as Disney songs to get videos removed from the internet. Especially during investigations or if they're doing something against the law.

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Recently in California Police have been caught playing extremely loud Disney music or other famous pop songs at any sight of someone recording their interactions. Tho Police put their lives on the line every day dealing with dangerous criminals some feel that their rights are being stripped away thru loopholes.

Social media is no joke when it comes to copyright infringements, new algorithms across Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok will take down your video if you go against their community regulations. Fines for going against copyright infringements haven't been yet delivered by social media but the companies who own the music won't hold back.

The problem arises with how many officers have been brought to justice after committing illegal acts and using the badge to defend themselves. Everyone and their mother now have a camera on hand for any moment that life may throw at them. This being said the good cops don't mind or really even care that you're recording cuz they are as well. This behavior of using copyrighted music to make sure you can't take video is a cause for concern.

Is what they're doing illegal? We honestly can't say but it's definitely not right. If you see something like this happening in or around Yakima make sure to contact the local police department and let them know as most higher-up officers are not okay with this practice. Be safe and never take matters into your own hands. Tho these acts are not right your safety is more important. Contact officials and let them take it from there.

Police are not here to harm us but to protect us and serve to stop criminals, but being a citizen we still have to be careful of those abusing the law.

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