• Immigration reform is once again being kicked around on Capital Hill.

    Experts see it more as a bargaining chip in a much larger picture that ultimately won’t help farmers.

    The immigration deal is tied to budget issues and Homeland Security where House Republican’s and Senate Democrats are at odds. They are all under a budget clock that is ticking again to a February 27th deadline when the government will run out of money again.

    It’s still anyones guess as to whether there will actually be an immigration reform package done in 2015.

  • Daylight savings time may be running out of steam in Washington State where some lawmakers are trying to do away with it.

    Only two states, Hawaii and Arizona, don’t observe daylight savings. One lawmaker told a House committee that it’s not only inconvenient but lead to health problems and accidents due to lost sleep.

    The idea was adopted in 1918 during World War I but came and went over the years until the mid-70’s. Pending legislation in 10 states would end the springing forward and falling back of the clock.

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