You're dragging today.  We're dragging today.  Everyone's dragging today.  And it's because of the time change.  Or maybe you're NOT dragging today, because you forgot the time change and you're about to be an hour late to work.  Ouch.

Anyway, here are three reasons why this time change is the WORST . . . and they're all connected to the side effects of being EXHAUSTED.

#1.)  More traffic accidents and workplace injuries.  The Monday after "spring forward," there's a significant increase in accidents, both on the road and at work.  That's a direct result of everyone trying to function on less sleep. (PubMed)

#2.)  More heart attacks.  There's an increased heart attack risk today of about 10% . . . throwing off your body's natural rhythms can be extra dangerous when you're already at risk.  (

#3.)  Less productivity.  A study at Penn State found that the Monday after the switch to Daylight Savings, there's a HUGE jump in online searches for frivolous things, like celebrity gossip, because everyone's too tired to focus.  (Cosmopolitan)

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