"Hey, I'm dragging DONKEY today. Besides coffee at work, what do you do for a quick morning pick me up?"


That was the question I asked my Facebook friends today. My body isn't adapting to my new work schedule like it used to. The office coffee just wasn't doing the trick today and we have no espresso on standby. I was at my wit's end trying to wake myself up and be chipper! I couldn't sneak off to the coffee stand and didn't have time to order a food delivery service, like UberEats or Door Dash.

I think I can safely say we've all been there at some point where we get to work and our usual morning routine of a shower, cup of coffee, and morning stretches just aren't doing their tricks to wake your body up for work. If you catch yourself yawning more than once, your body is giving you away and you are guilty as charged: TIRED!


Here are ten (10) things my friends suggested that they felt are great to instill some instant energy back into the workday:

  • Peppermint oil in my diffuser. - Brenda
  • A glass of cold water right off the bat. - Nicole
  • Breezy brisk walk. - Fiona
  • Drink another cup of coffee. - Donna
  • Drink a Lotus (natural) energy drink. - Emily
  • Jumping Jacks. - Cheri
  • A nap. - Georgia
  • A quick Issa Rae "mirror pep talk". - Chris


  • Have a random dance party. - Tara
  • Eat some oatmeal, have a cup of orange juice, and take some vitamins, too.


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