Daylight Saving Time returns this weekend -- time to spring our clocks forward to accommodate the way the world revolves.

To be honest with you, I am glad I have my cellphone, which automatically keeps up with our twice-a-year time changes, because I almost always forget.

But my papa taught me that if you are 10 minutes early, you might as well be late. So Daylight Saving Time doesn't affect me too much -- I am usually 30 minutes early for everything. Are you ready, Yakima Valley?

I have listened to people for years say that there should be no Daylight Saving Time. It is only an hour, they say, so what's the point? I think that when Benjamin Franklin decided that there should be a spring forward and a fall back, he was trying to keep us in check.

Canada was the first to put into effect Daylight Saving Time in 1908. Interesting, since it was an American who realized the idea!

No matter! I am excited about this event because, that means summer is almost here. Thank God and Benjamin Franklin!

Daylight Saving Time is this Sunday, starting at 2 a.m. Set your clocks forward an hour and don't be late!

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