I hate to sound like my dad, but I totally get it now. Cranky old me saying things like ",when I was your age, candy bars cost 35 cents," or, "I remember when I saw gas less than a dollar." It's hard to justify today's prices when it doesn't seem like things were cheaper not that long ago. Ever since I can remember, however, cans of pop were 50 cents in a vending machine. This is for name brand stuff like Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper and anything else. Sure, they had some generic brand sodas at 25 cents like at Safeway in the early 90s but, for the most part, a can of pop, or soda, was generally 50 cents no matter where you went.

When I saw my first pop machine that charged 75 cents I thought the ground was going to open up, large chunks of rock would fall from the sky. That 75 cent Mountain Dew was going to be the first sign of the apocolypes. Of course this wasn't the case as inflation is inevitable. Things cost more and, thus, the cost rises for everything else.

There is one local shop that still has cans of pop for less than 50 cents. 49 cents to be exact.

Well, when you add tax it's more, but that's besides the point.

I found myself this morning at Doolie's Kitchen for a dozen doughnuts, their chocolate cake doughnut being the best chocolate cake doughnut I've ever had in my life, and noticed this in the cooler when I was looking for the individual bottles of chocolate milk.

Now, I completely understand that a doughnut place isn't the first place you think of for a sale on soda, but here we are. Maybe for the crowd who's lactose intolerant or people who just prefer soda over coffee. Either way, they have you covered and at only 49 cents each.

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