I have been a proponent of backpacks for a while now. I used to carry a portable studio round in mine. It came in handy a number of times. It was a cavalcade of audio gear – mics, mixers, and cords, all I needed to capture audio or broadcast from remote locations.

MB 6
My passe backpack

Over the past few years, technology has afforded me to scale down to single piece of gear - an iPad Mini. I love it.

Earlier this year I noticed the need for a backpack was less warranted.  I talked about downsizing to a smaller bag to carry my goods. But, the words “man purse” kept me from entertaining the idea. Man bag is another word I am keen on avoiding. I mean, we are in millennial territory here. However, I do promise, there is no man bun in my future.

Well, that all changed yesterday.

MB 4
My new bag

Lisa and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday. She bought me a couple of items to mark the occasion. She gave this to me as a gift.

We call it a “pack-pack” (cause our children used to call it that when they were kids).

I love the gift. Its leather, well made and hey, it’s got the Bull logo on it. Why not?

My quandary is, I am not convinced that this “pack-pack” is manly.

MB 3

Not that I care about what others think. Usually, I have 0 (zero) cares about what people think about me – I am who I am. Love me, or don’t. Either way, it’s all good. But in this case, for some reason, I kinda care about this one.

So I ask you, the audience in which I serve daily, what do you think of this? Is it a “man purse”? Is it a “man bag”? Is it a “murse”? Is it a “Bro Bag”? “Dudebag”?  “Dudebag”? “Jackbag”?

MB 5
MB 1
The stuff in my "man bag"

I will let you be the judge. Is sporting this a good thing? Or a is it passe?

I not only look forward to the jokes, but I look forward to your answers as well.

So, hit me up! What are your thoughts on this? I look forward to hearing from you!


All My Best,

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