Let me share a little story about a project that kinda grew legs and had a life of it's own.

Like most people, I too have a storage unit for things that don't have a place in the house but you can't throw them away for some odd reason. This Summer my parents were remodeling they house and my sisters got them to go through things to make more space. So to help them with some of their stuff, we moved some household items in my unit. There is when my sisters started in on how much stuff I have in storage. I agree that I had a lot of books, magazines, etc. in there, so I started in on going through all of the magazines that I have kept (cars, music, health and business). I cut out the articles I wanted to keep and tossed the rest. The boxes seem to keep popping up with more books I needed to go through. The part of the mission took the longest part. I grab the keys to the pickup and loaded a total of 14 boxes in the back (great weight lifting workout) and hauled them all to recycling. Total weight of just magazines......796 lbs.! Well, there goes my shot on the the show "Hourders"! HEY, I found somethings that I knew I had but forgot that I put them in there. Now, I just  need to rearrange the unit.  OH YEAH, Just in case you are wondering (RIK) no comics were destroyed as a part of this project!