Sure, the major cities are expensive to live in, but what are some of the best expensive small towns to live in California?


1 . Woodside

Founded: 1956

County: San Mateo

This Silicon Valley enclave is home to some of the wealthiest people and most expensive multi-million dollar mansions in California.

Mansion in Woodside, CA
Listing Agent: Helen and Brad Miller via

Fun Fact: The exterior of the house on the 80s television show, Dynasty, is located in Woodside. It is called the Filoli Historical House & Garden.

Filoli Historical House and Garden
Filoli Historical House and Garden via Google Maps

Great Restaurants in Woodside, CA

  • Vesta (Pizza)
  • The Mountain House Restaurant (Steakhouse)
  • The Village Pub (American)


2 . Hidden Hills

Founded: 1961

Hidden Hills, CA
Google Maps

Great Restaurants in Hidden Hills, CA

Hidden Hills does not have any restaurants so you will have to take the short drive over to the city of Calabasas or the Woodland Hills area.


3 . Atherton

Founded: 1923

You’ll see multi-million dollar mansion after mansion in this expensive small town of Atherton. Even the schools are upscale, including Spanish language immersion schools, polo club, golf courses, and a fancy bed and breakfast in neighboring Redwood City.

Mansion in Atherton, CA
Off the Market, Previously Listed by Natalie Comartin, Coldwell Banker Realty via Redfin

Great Restaurants in Atherton, CA

  • Trellis (Italian)
  • Left Bank (French)
  • Kyosho (Sushi)
  • Sultana Mediterranean (Greek)
  • Mama Coco Cocina Mexicana (Mexican)



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