I have never heard of Marry Me Chicken, have you? I asked a few of my co-workers and we haven’t heard of it either. Apparently, this recipe is a Westside thing, because the most searched for recipe by people living near the booming metropolis of Seattle is ‘Marry Me Chicken.’

The Plot Chickens

Actress Emily Blunt swears by the Ina Garten chicken recipe. She told somebody during an interview that making this chicken recipe caused Jack Ryan John Krazinski to ask her to marry him.


Urban Social Media Legend has it that a woman made this recipe for her then-boyfriend and he thought it tasted so good, he asked her to marry him right then and there. I don't know if that's how the story REALLY happened, but it sounds to me like something a starving boyfriend would say.

That concludes my press conference. Now I'll take a few of your questions.


QUESTION: Do you need a cast iron skillet to make Marry Me Chicken?


QUESTION: What side dishes do you serve Marry Me Chicken with?

ANSWER: Tiktok stans say either mashed potatoes or your favorite rice, pasta, and/or roasted vegetables will go with this recipe beautifully. Serve with a garden salad on the side for extra panache!

QUESTION: Hey Reesha, all this clucking aside, if that hottie you currently have a crush on lets you make 'Marry Me Chicken' for him and he takes one bite and loves it so much, he asks you to marry him, would you say yes?



QUESTION: What kind of substitutions can I use with this recipe?

ANSWER: Instead of all-purpose flour, you can use almond flour. Instead of tomatoes, some will substitute bacon. Others are adding fresh spinach to the sauce.

If you are curious about the Marry Me Chicken recipe but don’t feel like using your “Google” fingers, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered for this one. The recipe for Marry Me Chicken has over 18 million views on TikTok. I can't believe I've never seen or heard of it before!

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