It doesn’t even matter what team you’re rooting for in the Super Bowl this year, if you plan on watching or going to a friend’s big game party, FOOD is going to be the number one concern. If you live in Washington state, you’re probably going to be munching on what was the most popular Super Bowl food in 2023: Hummus.

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Why Is Hummus Such a Popular Super Bowl Party Food in Washington?

Hummus: The most popular Super Bowl Snack in Washington State

We Washingtonians love hummus so much because it’s so versatile: you can use it as a dip for pita and veggies, or as a spread for delicious gyro wraps. We also love it for its healthy benefits, especially for vegans and vegetarians. Hummus has lots of protein!

My favorite hummus in Washington is the spicy hummus at Zullee (formerly Kabob House). It is so popular that it was sold out during the great chili sauce shortage of 2023.

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10 of the Most Mouthwatering Super Bowl Foods If You Live in WA

Recipes and Foods You Should Not Consider Serving at Your Super Bowl Party This Year

Appetizers (wings, meatballs, Rotel cheese dip) always seem to be the most popular food choices for most Super Bowl party foods, but I’m here to tell you that some of us hungry types enjoy having foods that are more “filling” to eat. Ask your friends to bring these foods to your party if you don’t feel like making them yourself.

Instead of serving a bunch of different vegetable trays, sliced cheese and salami, or slices of sourdough bread to dip in sauces, try giving your friends these popular Super Bowl party foods. They will be a hit at your shindig this weekend!


Move over wings and meatballs in the crock pot! Google Trends says these are actually the most popular recipe searches for party foods we really want to eat in Washington state.

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