I love discovering places that are alleged to be haunted, and one of those places that I can’t wait to explore is one of the most haunted hotels in Oregon. I recently helped a couple of friends out in their search for paranormal activity in a massage and beauty parlor. The lead investigator determined there was a spirit presence that was haunting the building and that he was trapped there because he was still searching for his long-lost little sister. It was a fascinating and immensely cool experience.

The Most Haunted Hotel in Oregon?



The Most Haunted Hotel in Oregon: Hot Lake Lodge in La Grande

Legend has it that this place is extremely haunted. People have made countless TikTok videos and podcasts about it. It used to be an insane asylum. It’s now a spa hotel with luxurious bedrooms available for the rich. There is a running brook surrounding the property which leads to a soaking pool and a rural steam sauna overlooking the lake, or the “hot springs.” The geothermal area has limited hours, too, adding to the spooky vibes.

But what I want to know is, is it still haunted?

Driving up to the hotel lobby is a bit creepy in itself. You can almost hear the Phantom of the Opera theme song playing inside your mind as you go up the driveway. There are two huge red signs that say, “STOP! Registered Guests Only.” The exterior almost gives that, “Beware! Turn back now!” kind of vibe if you are a scaredy cat. Once you step inside, however, the Hot Lake Hotel gives off relaxing vibes. Whew!

There is an interesting mural on the wall inside the pool lobby that calls back to the days of yesteryear when Oregon was mostly lush landscapes and uncluttered by traffic, skyscrapers, and hipsters.

ROOM 213


You can even stay in room 213, which is allegedly directly underneath the old operating room of the insane asylum. YIKES.

Oh well, at least if you hear any ghosts screaming through the walls at night, at least the room is beautiful and tranquil.



Visitors have reported running into the ghosts of former asylum patients, including those who had committed suicide in the building. WHOA!

I don’t care if it’s “haunted”, I would love to stay here on a girls’ trip!


Other haunted hotels in Oregon include the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport

Haunted Hotels in Oregon: Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport
Sylvia Beach Hotel via Google Maps

and the Lara House Bed & Breakfast in Bend.

Haunted Lara House Bed and Breakfast in Bend OR
Lara House Bed and Breakfast via Google Maps
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