The Spokane County Sheriff's Department recently broke up another fentanyl distribution ring and arrested four persons.

  Spokane County officials say fentanyl OD deaths skyrocketing

We've seen fentanyl turn into the most troublesome narcotic in the Columbia Basin, as well as Yakima, it's also plaguing Spokane.

According to the DEA and information from The Center Square, Spokane is considered a "central hub" for fentanyl trafficking and sales.

Because Spokane is now considered the state's second-biggest city, and it's located next to the Idaho border and fairly close to Canada, it's a prime area for a point-of-entry for drugs.

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 Data from 2016-2020 from the WA State Department of Health shows Spokane is one of the counties where fentanyl overdose deaths have risen. According to information from The Center Square, by way of the Centers for Disease Control, the number one killer of Americans between the ages of 18 and 45 is fentanyl.

 The Columbia Basin has seen its share of fentanyl as well as rainbow fentanyl, and Walla Walla County not long ago had its largest bust ever of the deadly drug. 


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